Yurt Quest: Bibliography

On occasion, we will receive email asking about the availability of one of these publications. While any good book store should be able to order these for you, many libraries will not have them. For your convenience, we've put in links to Amazon.com Books so that you can purchase this material on line.

Shelter. 1973; 176 pp.; From: Shelter Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 279, Bolinas, CA 94924.
This book provides tons of information on all manner of "primitive" architecture. Although complete building instructions are somewhat lacking, it is a good place to start.
This book was republished in 1990 by Random House.

Build a Yurt (out of print). Charney, Leonard. 1974; 134 pp.; From: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
A complete, I-did-it-my-way approach to building a Ger. This is a very non traditional approach to construction. But it does give enough information to build the thing, start to finish. The major disadvantage to this design is that it is not portable!

Tipis & Yurts: Authentic Design for Circular Shelters. 1995; 128 pp.; From: Lark Books.
A book with enough the information to actually build a ger. Has color photos and it well presented. Still, not as traditional as it could be.
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Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan. 1995; 339 pp.; From: Thames and Hudson, and Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.
This is primarily a beautiful coffee table book containing pictures of the entire San Francisco Mongolian exhibit. However, the cultural information included is excellent; focussing on the Tibetan Buddhist influence in Mongolia.
Most of it is currently available on-line. Unfortunately, some of the information found only in book form is ger related. On page 20 are some excellent pictures of a ger being constructed.
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Chapman's Nautical Guides: Knots. Brion Toss. 1990; 192 pp.; From: Hearst Marine Books.
Know your knots. Having a few options beyond the square knot is very useful. Also, rope splicing is a rather arcane area of knowledge that we actually used in our ger design.
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