Yurt Quest: In search of Ger

What is this Quest?
This site was founded to collect information pertaining to the construction of a ger. The initial goal of this site was the publication of solid, step-by-step plans on how this could be done. While our own plans have yet to materialize, the interim has produced a vast amount of interest in ger building and now there are a few other sites with construction plans.

Yurt Quest has led to the creation of one, twenty foot diameter, olive drab, ger-like thing. We have learned from our mistakes and intend to build another; documenting the process. While we could produce working plans, we believe it is unadvisable not to try them before we make them available to others. So, the Quest continues...

Information collected so far...

What is a Yurt (or Ger)?
The answer to this question and many others may be found in our Yurt FAQ. Visit it today.

What does a ger look like?
We have many pictures of smiling Mongolians and their homes.
In addition, we are working on a VRML prototype. Here is the beta version. It currently has no door, but it is proportionally correct and neat to look at.

Are there books on gers?
While most of the printed material is dreadfully hard to find, we've complied a list of some of the books we've found, in case you get lucky.

Are their other ger resources?
Amazingly, there seem to be more every day. When we first put up this page, we were hard pressed to find any. Now, we have trouble keeping up. Our Resources Page also has contact information for places not yet web enabled.

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